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Standard Modules

Based on LiFePo4, 3.2V nominal voltage cells, the modules can be arranged in different versions in terms of Voltage and capacity.
Intrinsec safety of the LiFePo4 chemistry provides the best ground for an energy storage device to be used in the challenging environments of Non-Road Mobile Machineries which are the ideal users of the modules.

Modules can be utilized as stand alone units or matched togheter to build a larger battery pack.
Main features:

  • 2 possible size of casing, housing 8 or 16 cells.
  • Voltage 12/24/48V.
  • Energy storage capacity from 2.2 to 5.0  kWh.
  • Max continuous power per single module: up to 7.6 kW.
  • Protection level IP 66.                                                                                 
  • Stand alone BMS but interconnectable to other module BMS.
  • BMS functions:
      • control  of overcharging, over-temperature, undervoltage, cell-balancing.
      • remote monitoring of State of Charge and State of health by Bluetooth via mobile application.
      • On-board charger control.
  • LFP cells
      • Prismatic, LFP chemistry.
      • 3.2V nominal voltage.
      • 90/105 Ah capacity.
      • C-rate:
          • 1 (charging).
          • 2 (discharging).
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