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4e-consulting srl
CEO: Ing.Paolo Patroncini
Address: Ferrara 44124 Via Cento 8/b
Iscrizione Reg. imp. Ferrara n. REA FE-211587
C.F. e P. IVA : 01937930384



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Combustion Engine Design

4e competence ranges from combustion simulation, to 3D CFD analysis, from 1D performance and emission prediction to structural analysis, from combustion and mechanical noise study, to exhaust after-treatment specification, from powertrain integration to in-vehicle packaging-oriented design.
The goal is to keep moving as fast as possible towards a highly efficient, clean, quiet and performant power source.
To achieve this goal, the most up-to date computer-aided tools are utilized, complemented by a long field experience of our highly skilled and competent engineers.
A tailor-made solution is our way to success: the customer asks and 4e delivers. We listen to the customers and comply with their technical requests, timing requirement and assignment.
We do not design engines for the sake of design: we take care of customer perspective, which is:
  • Cost conscious
  • Production oriented
  • Market sensitive
The attention to Customers’ needs is the key for providing exactly what the Customer wants: nothing more, nothing less: the result is a highly competitive engineering company that eliminate the dilemma between quality and cost.
 We at 4e are all committed to achieve all this.
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