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Hybrid powertrain are getting common and widespread in automotive field, particularly on Passenger cars where nearly all large OEM’s have developed a mature technology.
But there is a number of potential application of the hybrid technology that have not yet fully investigated or even figured out.
We have the technology to build proto machines in the hybrid configuration in order to prove the technology as well as the end user benefits of a hybrid power pack vs the traditional one.
Putting together several key factors, like:
·         Combustion engine development capability
·         Cooperation with company specialized in power electronics
·         A network of competences in power management and electronic architecture
We have developed a  flexible hybrid powertrain technology capable to be used for  a variety of special vehicles of different market sectors, like agriculture, construction machines, industrial equipment and machinery.
The key advantage of the hybrid technology in off-road application is not only the obvious fuel cost saving : it would provide the much more  flexible use of power that electric-driven machines allows compared to combustion engines or hydraulic transmission.
A good example of these indirect advantages can be found  in agriculture tractors: the battery pack instead of the engine driven power take off can provide a silent, flexible, and always available power source for pumping, lighting , lifting use….
Other cases are: fork lift, moving aerial platforms, construction equipment etc.
The biggest hurdles on the way of these technologies (like the battery weight, cost, durability and power discharge capacity) are being quickly overcome by the huge investment of the automotive OEM: IT IS NOW TIME TO THINK ABOUT NEW APPLICATIONS, which are becoming more and more technically  feasible and economically sound.
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