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Testing is an integral part of the design process. That’s why at 4e, we have integrated our structure with best in class testing centers in Europe.
All engines that we design are tested on the bench and test bench output is the starting point of the next level of engine design refinement.

We recommend our customers to carry out independent testing to cross check the result of our testing. We are in fact convinced that progress may only come from sharing experience and different stand points.

Nevertheless, as the engine designer, we are in the best position to:

  • Fully understand the testing result
  • Improve the design wherever testing result so recommend
  • Deliver the best overall package in the most economical way

We have tied up with best testing European testing labs, capable to carry out any kind of testing such as:

  • Performance testing in extreme condition
  • Combustion process testing
  • Piston scuff test
  • Heat rejection test
  • Engine temperature mapping test
  • EGR fouling test
  • Accessory drive test
  • Oil dilution test
  • Exhaust manifold test
  • Vibration continuous running test
  • Emission tests as per most advanced requirement and legislations
  • Thermal shock test
  • Quality control tests
  • Qualification tests for engines and subsystems on dedicated test rigs
  • Base engine calibration
  • Durability tests in different cycles and duration

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